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7700 SIZESMab Axle Types

7700 series MAB floor spring

MAB floor spring for heavy weight doors up to 170KG.

Ideal for residential and commercial use thanks to the adjustable opening & closing force that makes door opening & closing easy.

Adjustable power EN 2-4 by means of stepless governor which is coupled with high efficiency and allows a real personalization of opening / closing forces.

Two independent thermostatic valves for precise adjustment of general closing speed

Opening up to 180° in both swings with hydraulic control from approx 150°,  Hold open at 90°, 105° or any angle between 150° and 180°. The non hold open version has a back stop at 150°.

Mechanical back check to prevent uncontrolled openings.

Overpressure relief valve to protect unit against abuse

Cast iron body, cement box hot zinc plated steel.

Variety of interchangeable Axles from German AC360 20mm L x 10mm W  & Italian AC340 (14mm Square)

Comes with Stainless Steel Cover Plate.

On Ordering please choose which axle type you require from the axle detail above and enter that axle type in the order notes box upon checkout.


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